Larval Control

Larval control is the application of materials that either kill mosquito larvae or prevent their ability to grow into adult mosquitoes. These materials are placed into known and potential breeding sites throughout the district such as catch basins, ditches and flood prone areas. We treat more than 50,000 catch basins (storm drains) per year. We use several types of larval control products in our abatement program.


Mosquito larvae feed on the bacteria contained in control products causing their death by either damaging their digestive or nervous system. Bacterial products we use:

Growth Regulator

Methoprene is a synthesized insect growth regulator similar to what is naturally found in mosquito larvae. It is used to prevent larvae from developing past the pupal stage. Altosid® is the growth regulator we use.

Surface Oils

Surface oils are used when late-stage larvae or pupae are present. These products make it extremely difficult for pupa and larvae to attach to the surface to breathe, resulting in their death. Surface oils are quick acting, short duration products. Surface oil products that we use: