Adult Mosquito Control

The NSMAD adult mosquito control program is comprised of barrier applications and truck mounted, ultra-low-volume (ULV) insecticide applications. Barrier control consists of applying a mosquito insecticide to vegetation (shrubs and bushes, tall grasses, hedges) and surfaces where mosquitoes rest. Care is taken to avoid applying barrier treatments to flowers in order to protect pollinators. It is utilized to protect a limited size area for a relatively short period of time. Under ideal weather conditions, these applications can provide up to four weeks of adult mosquito control. The NSMAD uses barrier control to reduce mosquito biting for events in public areas, such as picnics, movies in the park, and other special municipal events. We use Flit™ 13-3 EC when conducting barrier treatments.

NSMAD’s truck mounted ULV sprayers are an essential tool when controlling adult mosquitoes is required. It is used only when action thresholds are met and is applied only in the evening when host-seeking mosquitoes are active. The ULV adult mosquito control operations are used to immediately reduce the adult mosquito population to reduce the number of WNV-infected mosquitoes in an area, to interrupt WNV transmission and to limit the production of new mosquitoes in the area. The ULV technology uses specially designed spray devices to deliver less than 1.23 ounces of insecticide per acre in a fine aerosol mist that impacts and kills flying mosquitoes. The insecticide NSMAD currently uses for ULV applications is Duet™, which contains the active ingredients Sumithrin and Prallethrin, and a Piperonyl Butoxide synergist, and provides a quick knockdown of adult mosquitoes with no residual effect.

2018 Scheduled Adult Mosquito Control Operations

Please note, we schedule our operations based on our surveillance.

2017 Completed Adult Mosquito Control Operations

2016 Completed Adult Mosquito Control Operations

2015 Completed Adult Mosquito Control Operations

2014 Completed Adult Mosquito Control Operations

2013 Completed Adult Mosquito Control Operations

About Our Operations

Our NSMAD trucks are equipped with spray units that produce a non-thermal and ultra-low volume mist of Duet™ insecticide.

The parameters we generally use to initiate ground ULV adult mosquito control includes:

  • West Nile virus positive mosquito pool found via RAMP® test
  • West Nile virus, St. Louis Encephalitis, Eastern Equine Encephalitis or other vector/mosquito-borne disease positive mosquito pool reported via RT-PCR
  • West Nile virus, St. Louis Encephalitis, Eastern Equine Encephalitis or other vector /mosquito-borne virus positive human, bird or other animal reported within the district or its border
  • High count or significant increase of public health risk mosquitoes in trap collection (daily average greater than 25 mosquitoes per trap)
  • Resident complaints of mosquitoes
  • High count or significant increase of nuisance mosquitoes in trap collection (daily average greater than 25 mosquitoes per trap)
  • Combination of precipitation and temperature per institutional knowledge and experience

Note: Weather conditions may limit our ability to conduct adult mosquito control operations. Wind speed, precipitation and temperature are a few of the factors that can affect adult mosquito control operations.