How We Protect

The foundation of our abatement program is based on the principles of integrated pest management (IPM). IPM is the method of control that minimizes deleterious effects on the environment and non-target organisms while utilizing the most efficient means of mosquito control available.

  • Surveillance

    Surveillance is key to learn about the mosquito population in the North Shore area. Our laboratory uses the most effective traps and testing methods to monitor the mosquito population for abundance and disease.
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  • Source Reduction

    Source reduction is the elimination and/or reduction of breeding sites. It is one of the most effective methods we use for mosquito control.
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  • Larval Control

    Larval control is the application of materials that either kill mosquito larvae or prevent their ability to grow into adult mosquitoes. Larval control comprises almost 90% of our mosquito management program.
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  • Adult Mosquito Control

    Adult mosquito control, commonly referred to as “spraying”, is a highly regulated practice to immediately reduce the number of adult mosquitoes. We only conduct adult mosquito control operations when the adult mosquito population reaches one of several thresholds or there is a threat of disease transmission.
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  • Public Outreach & Education

    Our public outreach and education program helps residents learn how to reduce breeding sites on their property in order to help control our local mosquito population.
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