Green Initiatives

We don’t just protect the community from mosquitoes; we help protect the environment by investing in renewable energy sources. In 2007, we developed a plan to use sustainable and energy efficient products and procedures to cut our energy costs, lower our carbon footprint and save taxpayers’ money.

Our Green Efforts to Date


  • Installed energy efficient thermal pane windows


  • Replaced two natural gas heaters in the garage with more efficient units
  • Installed new energy efficient florescent lighting, a programmable thermostat and new water heater
  • Repaired our roof and upgraded to R-20 insulation
  • Commissioned a solar energy analysis for our building
  • Received a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation to install photovoltaic panels


  • Added window tint and new shades to the eastern and southern exposed windows
  • Became one of the only local government agencies in Illinois to install a renewable energy system designed to provide 100% of our electrical usage annually
  • See how much electricity we are producing right now


  • Resurfaced our parking lot with a new permeable surface reducing the amount of water runoff into the local storm water system


  • Purchased and installed two electric ULV machines

Additional Sustainability Efforts

We look for every opportunity to stay green. Here’s just a few examples:

  • We use more environmentally friendly larval control products
  • More recycling, less trash – 104 cubic yards per year
  • Less Printing – two sided whenever possible
  • Fewer photocopies – scan and distribute electronically

 Future Plans

We continue to look into adopt environmentally friendly options in our office and with our work. Here’s just a few ideas we’re looking into:

  • Alternative fuel vehicles
  • Additional electric ULVs and backpack sprayers